1.4 million New Yorkers of all ages go hungry each day. For many of our guests, the meal they have at the soup kitchen is the only one they eat. On November 16th, we'll be eating only one meal too. 

Our annual Fast-A-Thon, held one week before Thanksgiving, is a bold and effective way to make a difference in the lives of hungry New Yorkers. By pledging to eat only one meal on November 16th, like many of our guests do every day, you can raise awareness about chronic hunger and raise money to help us continue to serve meals every weekday, including our traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Last year, we raised a record shattering $90,000 thanks to the efforts of many generous fundraisers and donors. The success of our Fast-A-Thon depends on the grassroots efforts of our "Fast-A-Thoners" getting the word out and raising awareness. There are lots of ways to get the conversation cooking about hunger now through November 16th. After you make your campaign page, we urge you to use  our new Social Media and Email kit at the bottom of this page, ( https://holyapostlesfast-a-thon2017.causevox.com/blog/f ) to help you raise awareness, much needed funds, and to maximize your fasting experience on November 16th. 

You can also find Fast Facts for F.A.Q.s by scrolling to the blog posts sections, below, or simply clicking here: https://holyapostlesfast-a-thon2017.causevox.com/blog/fast  We are here to support your fasting and fundraising every step of the way so if you still have questions, simply email Hannah at halbee@holyapostlesnyc.org or Adrienne at alang@holyapostlesnyc.org. If you need technical support, you can also contact Causevox at support@causevox.com

We encourage you to gather your colleagues, friends and family to create a Fast-A-Thon team. This way, you’ll have a built in support network for your efforts. It’s also a great team building experience for companies, churches and clubs. You'll find F.A.Qs for teams in this page's blog, here: https://holyapostlesfast-a-thon2017.causevox.com/blog/team-f-a

To make things fun and encourage some friendly competition, we are rewarding our top 3 non-corporate fundraisers with generous gifts. For raising the most funds, one Fast-A-Thoner will receive a complimentary ticket to our May Farm to Tray event. Our second place Fast-A-Thoner will be awarded one free ad in the Farm to Tray journal. And she or he in 3rd place will be presented with their very own Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen hat and apron.

We are also extending an opportunity to all of our Fast-A-Thoners to recognize their sacrifice and hard work on a meaningful date throughout the year. Let us know if there is someone or something you would like to honor, and we will assign the funds you raise to sponsoring meals for that date, and share with our social media community.

On behalf of all our guests, thank you for taking part in this year's Fast-A-Thon!


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